Buy Gold in Singapore

There are numerous ways you can buy gold investments in the city of Singapore right now. Since gold is now one of the most stable types of investments in the market today it definitely makes a lot of sense to take a look at investing in gold and other precious metals. With its steadily rising price, about $1,650 in the recent gold price increase, investors will be on a safer option if they choose to invest in either physical gold or other precious metals related investments. Those who are living in Singapore might as well take advantage of the recent increase in gold price to earn a lot more profit in the coming years. No one has predicted that there will be such a good performance in gold, especially during 2008 when the stock market suffered a crash whereas the gold value has risen significantly. Most financial gurus recommend the buying of precious metal assets today since they have shown a good return on profits very recently.

With the price of gold reaching up to two thousand Singaporean dollars, most executives from several well-known gold banks have recommended the purchase of this precious metal as an addition to an investor’s portfolio. The spot price of gold has risen for about one percent in just a few days which makes indicates that it may perform quite well for the coming years. It can be one of the best securities against any bad turn from the market. Aside from the investing in actual gold, one can also choose gold ETFs as a type of gold investment.

The various gold investments in Singapore are usually somehow tied up with the larger banking corporations which are based either in UK or in Switzerland making your investments a lot more secure. When you buy ETFs, the bank will have an equivalent gold bullion in its place making you not just a holder of a gold ETF certificate but also an owner of physical gold which you can withdraw when you wish to. The smallest amount of gold that you can invest on is about one-tenth of an ounce and will carry its own expenses depending on the bank that will hold it.

Investing in gold ETFs is one of the more popular ways of buying gold related products in Singapore. The three most trusted corporations to issue it are the SPDR Gold Shares, the ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares and the ETFS Physical Asian Gold Shares. Some of them hold the gold in their own banks in Singapore whereas some have their gold in Switzerland.

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You can also obtain gold certificates from the Mustafa Center, the Gold Department of UOB Bank, and from other online sellers in Singapore. When buying actual gold, try to look for a seller which will charge a lower premium per ounce of gold that you buy. You should do so since you will also have to pay for gold taxes which the government imposes on every purchase of gold in Singapore. This amounts to seven percent of your total purchase which will be quite significant if the seller adds a higher premium. So if you want to cut down on your expenses, find a lower priced gold.

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