Gold ETF Funds

Investments in gold ETF funds are a good hedge for financial risks or as a way to protect your wealth in the future. With the way with which the economy is now heading, a good investment will definitely be one of the things that people are thinking of when talking about future financial security.  Trading in these funds gives you an opportunity to be exposed to gold investing without having to take physical inventory of the gold. A gold ETF fund is one of the best ways of investing in this precious metal since you invest in it without spending for the other costs involved in the storage, transportation, insurance and hassles of reselling it in the market.  With a gold ETF fund, you cut all these expenses which is one of the heavy burdens that investors encounter when it comes to gold investing.

A gold ETF fund is an acronym for gold exchange traded funds.  This means that it is a type of fund which can be traded on popular stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange.  In this type of investment, a particular group of companies buy physical gold and then sell it in shares which can come in as small as parts of an ounce of gold.  The value of the shares or “baskets” as they call it, will reflect the current price of gold in the market.  Hence, this type of investment is just like buying actual gold itself, the only difference being in the facility of trading it in an online trading account.  If you have one, you can easily trade it on exchange platforms any time you want.

In a gold ETF fund, you do not have to worry about the usual problems that are incurred in handling physical gold.  The trust that issues the baskets will be the one handling all the paperwork for storage, transfer, insurance, etc.  Aside from that, you get the chance to have an investment in gold, without having to spend much as shares can be bought in parts of an ounce.  With the price of an ounce of gold these days, only a few would have the buying ability to purchase a whole ounce.

Gold ETF funds track the spot price of gold, hence their value will rise or fall depending on the performance of gold in the market.  You can choose from either ETF funds that track gold price or you can also buy those from gold mining companies whose shares of course are not the same as the spot price of gold but do offer a good way of gaining profit from it.  These investments can give you a huge boost in profits with a small change in the price of gold.  Some of the more popular gold ETF funds are ProShares Ultra Gold, SPDR Gold Trust, iShares CDN Gold Sector and the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF.   These shares will provide you with a more secure exposure to gold investing as they are backed by huge volumes of gold and large mining companies around the world.

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