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Buy Gold Sovereigns

If you are wishing to make an investment in gold, then you should buy gold sovereigns.  These coins are one of the most popular in the world and they have a ready buyer in almost any part in the world.  The beauty and rarity of the coin is one of its most attractive characteristic which makes it one of the most valuable investments when it comes to gold.  You can buy gold sovereigns in different weights which make it available for almost any type of investor who would like to buy them.

With the unreliability of paper money when it comes to storing and protecting your wealth, gold has become one of the most in-demand investments.  Gold does not lose its value during economic depressions, do not experience any wear or tear, is not destroyed by fire, and increases in value over time and when it comes to gold investing, one can either buy them for their market demand and their economic value.  Both can be obtained by buying gold sovereigns which is one of the more well-known gold coins in the world.  They are popular in Britain, Australia, Africa, Greece, Canada, Serbia and Portugal.  So with such a worldwide following, you would not find it hard to find a buyer who would be willing to pay more than the actual gold that it contains.

Gold sovereigns became popular during the reign of Henry Tudor.  They were used as payments for shipments from the United States by the British monarch.  On its first minting, the coin featured the monarch on one side and a rose with a shield on the other side.  As time went on however, its features have changed into the now known image of St. George and the dragon with the British monarch on the other side.  The coin was first made with 23 carats of gold hence making it one of the purest forms of gold coins known back then.  Then it was changed and was lowered to 20 carats but in modern times, has been changed to 22 carats.

Most gold sovereigns were melted down in the United States during the Depression and so most of them which dates back to the 1800’s have become quite a collector’s item.  The rarity of the coin has made it one of the most sought after gold coin although it is not classified as a numismatist coin.  Buying a gold sovereign would therefore give you two advantages: a rare collector’s item as well as high quality gold content, being one of the purer types of gold coins.

If you are seeking to invest in gold, a gold sovereign would be one of the best assets that you can bring to your portfolio.  They provide a high percentage of gold which is of high value in the market as well as give you an investment which would have a great demand in the future due to its beauty and rarity.  You can buy gold sovereigns in varying denominations: five pounds, two pounds, one, half, and quarter coins.

1 oz Gold Coins

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Gold Dinars

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50 Dollar Gold Coin

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Gold Proof Coins

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Chinese Gold Coins

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Gold Panda Coin

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Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

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