Gold Investment

Gold has been the standard of wealth for centuries. In troubling economic times investing in gold can secure your money from plummeting stock prices, dropping interest rates, and the devaluation of paper currency. Your gold investment can help keep your finances safe and secure, provided your gold holding are stored in a secure environment.

There are many different ways to buy gold. Some investors choose to participate in gold stock investing and purchase shares from popular precious metals mining companies. With online gold trading it’s possible to access the latest spot gold price, check the futures gold rate, monitor gold trading stock charts, get the latest financial market news, and purchase gold securely from your computer. Using a Forex software platform you can purchase precious metals including gold and silver as well as the major currencies. Investing in gold mutual funds is a way for the investor to spread their risk over many different investment types. With these mutual funds you put your confidence in the hands of a fund manager to pool your money in with other investors.

Another popular investment strategy is to buy gold bars from a bank, mint or private dealer. Gold in this form comes in two different styles which are minted or cast ingots. Each bar is usually stamped with the name of the manufacturer, purity amount and a unique registration number. One more popular method of investing in precious metals is to purchase them as coins. Many investors prefer to purchase gold coins over bars because coins do not require assaying when sold. Coins such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, and the South African Krugerrand are popular choices. Typically theses coins sell for a small premium just higher than the value of the gold found in the coin itself. The best gold coins to buy will depend on the design, the rarity of the coin; and its value.

Many people already own precious metals in their home. This could be in the form of dental scrap gold. Dental gold is usually 18 Karats in its fineness and can be sold to gold brokers at the current gold rate, minus a small commission. To determine the dental gold value you will want to find the weight in grams and karat amount of your gold. To figure out the gold price per gram value you will want to take a look at the current gold price per ounce in your country, and convert it to grams [1 gram = 31.10 troy ounces] to find its worth.

Bitgold to Follow Bitcoins Footsteps

With so many people turning to the internet to allow them to make purchases, sell services and conduct businesses, the idea of digital currency or money – internet based mediums of exchange is starting to be an appealing concept.

Bitcoins and bitgold are the first examples of digital money known as crypto-currency, an alternative currency which uses cryptography to secure transactions and control creation. Bitcoins were developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. As of August of 2013, the value of all of this digital currency in circulation exceeded $1.5 billion.

You can think of bitcoins as cash for the internet. You can earn and keep bitcoins in a digital wallet which you can access via a mobile app or through a computer. You can use them to pay for transactions online.

trading-gold-onlineOne major advantage of bitcoins is it allows for the payment and receipt of money anywhere and anytime. Many people and businesses are starting to favor this digital currency as it allows for quick and easy international transactions.

Bitcoins can be created and earned through digital mining. Bitcoin mining awards the ecurrency to users as a reward for allowing their computers to be used to run verification processes to validate Bitcoin transactions. You can also earn bitcoins by offering an online good or service that accepts bitcoins as payment. Bitcoins can also be bought via bitcoins exchanges or through websites that facilitate the buying and selling of bitcoins.

Bitgold is based on the bitcoin concept. Bitgold is being offered by bitcoin exchange companies as a new form of crypto currency.
Bitgold is a digital currency that is linked to or backed by gold. Bitgold can still be used for online transactions the same way bitcoin can but at the same time it can also be used to store wealth as the bitgold has an equivalent value in real gold.

As one company that deals in bitgold, Bitreserve explains, those who use their exchange can hold their bitcoin as a stable gold value and spend it anywhere the digital currency is accepted. Bitreserve members can convert their bitcoins to bitgold, whose value will be substantiated by bullion in their reserve. They can then spend this in any transaction that accepts bitcoins.

Another company that deals in bitgold is the Canadian digital currency startup, BitGold. BitGold aims to provide global access to gold for secure savings and transactions. BitGold will allow its users to use gold as a core saving amount which they can then use as digital currency allowing them to conduct transactions online.

Newnote Financial Corp and Anthem Vault Inc. also offer gold-backed digital currency, what their calling the MGC or Micro Gold Coin. The MGC is an open source crypto currency similar to the bitcoin and can be used as such, but it is considered bitgold because each MCG is backed by 100 grams of gold that are stored at Anthem Vault, giving them a base value that ordinary BC’s do not.

With their ability to be a tangible source of wealth as well as a digital currency, bitgold intends to not just be a valid medium of exchange but also an appealing investment to those interested in the burgeoning digital currency market.