Dental Scrap Gold

Do you have extra dental scrap gold at home, or in storage somewhere? With the price of gold close to hitting $1500 an ounce is become very profitable to sell old gold teeth dental bridges, crowns, and fillings. Often people will have dental scrap gold hidden away in a drawer, have it given to you by a relative, or even find it at a garage sale. Surprisingly, there are many gold buyers who purchase this dental scrap gold at a high price.

It’s difficult to know the exact gold content but dental work contains without careful analysis. For this reason it’s important that you go to a reputable gold buyer who will not try to shortchange you. Always search for reviews of online metal brokers on the Internet before you send anything through the mail. You will also want to carefully document your gold and take pictures of it before you submit it to help ensure your asset is protected. In fact if you can find a gold broker in your area so you can personally deliver the gold for purchase it’s a much safer process to protect your gold from being undervalued. However, finding a reputable gold buyer online can help you cut out the middleman and potentially make more money.  If you do send your gold through the mail make sure you use insured mailing so you are better protected against loss.

If you have dental fillings or crowns that are not golden in color, and has taken on a whitish appearance make sure that you don’t throw them away. These may be other precious metals such as white gold palladium, or platinum. A reputable company will be able to determine the type and value of your gold.

Gold scrap sellers are required to mail in dental crowns, fillings, and bridges to scrap dealers. After the gold buyer has appraised your gold dental scrap they should issue you a check for the appraisal value. To help you receive a fair price for your gold, make sure you weigh the gold before sending it in. Do note that most gold fillings out of contain at least 40% gold content and may have up to 20 karat gold.

You’ll be happy to know with most dental scrap buyers you don’t need to be worried about removing any porcelain, metal or so minutes from dental work you might have before sending it in. They often have a process to extract the gold from dental work easily without hassle. Since the precious metals you are sending in have to undergo a refining process you will most likely undergo a refining fee which is a certain percentage taken off of the top of the value of your gold. This view is reflected in the value you receive in payment.

Many gold dealers allow you to return a check for gold delivered in a certain amount of time if you’re not happy with the amount. Make sure to carefully read the terms and services of each gold buyers services before conducting any transaction.


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