Gold Price Per Gram

To determine the value of gold price per gram you need to find out the current gold price per ounce in your country, and convert it to grams.

The conversion of grams to troy ounces is: 1 gram = 31.10 troy ounces

If the current price of gold in ounces is $1389 and there are 31.10 grams in a troy ounce then you would do the following math. 1 ounce of gold = $1389/31.10 grams = $44.67 a gram.

You may also need to factor in the karat quality of your gold to get an exact value. The karat (weight) of your gold determines it’s value. 14k through 18k gold is common in jewelery found in the U.S. 24 karat is of the purest gold. A piece of gold with a karat rating of 18 karats is made basically of only 75% gold with the remainder being other metal types.

You can multiply the gold price per gram by your gold percentage to determine the actual gold price per gram. Here’s an example if you have an 18k piece of jewelry:¬† 24k Gram price = $44.67 x .75 = $33.50 gram.

I’ve also add an online gold calculator below to help you easily determine your gold value:

During these turbulent economic times¬† many people are looking to sell their gold jewelry, coins, teeth, and scrap metals. Make sure you get your fair market value for any gold you trade in by having the facts. Getting a scale that weighs in grams or ounces can be helpful to ensure you are not taken advantage of. Also make sure to avoid mailing your gold to a buy gold company. These types of companies generally do not give you fair market value prices. It’s advisable to deal locally with a coin collector or scrap gold dealer rather than trust someone over the internet or through the mail.

An interesting thing to note is that a gram of gold weighs approximately as much as a Dollar. If you have smart phone you can use the app Pennyweight to determine the current vale of gold right from your phone.

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