Buying Gold vs Silver

Two metals have gained wide popularity when it comes to storing wealth in their forms but do you know which is most highly recommended when it comes to buying gold versus silver as a way to secure wealth? A lot of people have usually debated as to which of the two would be of better value as an investment. Of course nobody would disagree that gold is worth more than silver per ounce today, but who can guess when this good trend will last for gold? No one can actually predict if silver will ever outdo gold in value in the future especially that silver is now beginning to gain a lot of demands from the industrial sector.

For a lot of people, it would not be hard to choose which of the two would be of actual great value – of course that would be gold. Gold has been used for several centuries now as a means of hoarding wealth. Gold is highly valued due to the difficulty of acquiring this precious metal and to its scarcity underground also. It is much harder to find than silver which makes it quite more valuable. And with the demands for the metal rising every year, it would be no wonder if it continues to rise in value for the coming years. Its utility in various industrial purposes makes them quite in demand although that would not be their greatest market. They are also being stocked for their value in banks and by private individuals who enjoy collecting the precious metals in either bullion, coin or jewelry forms. The ability of this metal to be turned into different parts and also for decorating purposes,  create a great demand for the production of this metal.

Silver on the other hand, has a great number of industrial purposes which creates the great demand for this metal also. Their durability and other characteristics makes them highly valued as metal parts. Although they may not be in such great use for jewelry-making, they are also being used for that purpose although the end product’s value would only depend on the craftsmanship and not much on the value of the metal itself. When it come to comparing silver versus gold, looking back  you’ll see that gold historically trades for fifteen times the price of silver. This means that generally speaking once ounce of gold will be worth fifteen times more than a comparable ounce of silver.

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What may be the only deciding factor for those who are planning to invest in metals could be the present and the future aspects of it. If you are one of those shorter terms of investment, you may only think of the present values of these metals. Gold being of higher value would usually be the choice as they can command higher prices if you look at the trend of precious metal prices today. But, if you are thinking for future-forward, you would of course consider the demand that modern industries are making on silver. This demand may increase in the future which can change the way the two metals are competing today. And if you are on the lower end of the society, silver would be easier to acquire due to their cheaper prices. So if you are a wise investor, you would choose to invest on both as you can never really tell which would do better in the future.

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