Direxion ETF

Direxion ETF shares are 3x Exchange-Traded Funds that provide 300% leverage and provide investors the ability to invest in volatile bull and bear markets. Each dollar invested you are provided with three dollars of exposure providing 300% of the volatility and risk. The fund seeks to increase the returns of their benchmarks daily. Due to the aggressive nature of Direxion ETF’s they are not recommended for conservative investors who cannot tolerate substantial losses or do not wish to monitor their portfolios closely.

Direxion provides the highest amount of leverage available for trading ETF’s. However, due to the magnified exposure to the markets these funds are not appropriate for buy and hold investors. Direxion Shares ETFs are focused on daily investment results.

Direxion was founded in 1997 with headquarters that are currently located in Boston, MA. They have approximately 51 US listed EFT’s including the following categories: Inverse Equities, Inverse Bonds, Leveraged Equities, Leveraged Real Estate, Leveraged Bonds, Transportation Equities


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