Sell Gold in Brooklyn

You can now sell your gold valuables in Brooklyn, New York and find reliable and professional gold buyers for your precious metal trade-ins.  These businesses offer the best services that you can find in the area and also the top prices for the items that you bring to them.  They have the best backgrounds in purchasing precious metals so you can expect well-seasoned dealers in the person at these stores.  Gold buying is now at a high with the current rise in the market value of gold and with the decreasing value of currencies making it an ideal way to get extra cash for emergencies or to help pay the bills.  Shortages in cash often drive long time owners of old gold jewelries to sell their belongings and get nice returns for their gold.

You can go to the Global Gold and Silver who buys all types of scrap gold such as old and broken gold jewelries in all forms and sizes.  You can bring any type of item in whatever condition it may be and get high cash returns for them.  The store has been doing business for more than twenty years now and they offer free appraisals for anyone who would like to sell their gold.  They also have a mail-in option and still get the same deal as when you sell it to their store.  They do not, however, pay for any gemstones that you may have in your gold so you may have to remove them before you sell it to them.  They are able to give top prices for gold as they have few other expenses for advertising and middlemen.  All the jewelries and gold items that you bring to them will be melted so they strongly advise people to sell only items that do not have any sentimental value to them.

You can also sell your gold to the Gold Rush which has quite a long history in the gold industry business.  They have been family operated for more than seventy years now and they have quite established themselves as the best place to sell your gold to in the area. They provide sufficient security and privacy for their clients and also friendly and warm services too.  You can expect them to provide top dollars for your gold as they have certified scales which are calibrated by the state regularly.  They are members of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee and integrity in their business is one of their best values.  They do not impose hidden charges and they also test and weigh your gold in your presence so you can be sure that you cannot be cheated in any way with the value of your gold.

Before you sell your gold a good tip is to get several different appraisals for your trade in value. By getting several offers you can then decide which company offers the most. In addition it’s helpful if you separate your gold items by their karat weight if possible. By separating each item by weight you will be able to easier determine what each item is worth and avoid having higher quality pieces appraised at a lesser karat weight value.

You can sell gold in Brooklyn, New York at the following locations:

Global Gold and Silver – Jewelry Scrappers
8819 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 – 718-833-5900

Gold Rush
567 92nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Quick Fix Jewelers
8707 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

New York Gold Buyers
4408 44th Street, Queens

Royal Gems Co.
55 w 47 st #203, New York

Buy and Sell Jewelry New York
33 West 47th Street, New York
646-200-5776 – or toll free – 877-814-3432

Cash 4 Gold
107-05 Rockaway Blvd, Ozone Park

Mega Gold Buyers
31 West 47th Street, Manhattan

Empire Gold Buyers
2 W 46th St # 509, New York

Videos of gold buyers in Brooklyn New York:

Global Gold and Silver – Jewelry Scrappers

Quick Fix Jewelers

New York Gold Buyers – Albert and Sons

Empire State Gold Buyers


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