Sell Gold in Portland

If you want to sell valuables like jewelry, coins, bars, and precious metal scrap in Portland to make extra money you’ve got a lot of choices to make. The price of gold is increasing daily, most people are now making up their minds about whether to sell their gold or not. With the financial crisis that some people are going through right now, it will not be difficult for them to seek for additional sources of funds which may come in the form of some of their gold jewelries or other scrap gold items. What is a good thing though is that people who are willing to buy gold have also increased for the past few years thereby making it easy for people to find somebody who would be willing to take their gold. It can be quite an embarrassing thing for first-time gold sellers to take out their old gold stuff and try to find someone who will buy their gold items. So, with the number of gold buyers increasing, it will not be a really difficult task to find a store that will buy your gold. The problem can only be on the differences in which buyers will put a price on your gold and this is what you should be looking out for – which store will offer you the best prices for your gold at the current spot price in the market?

Not a lot of dealers will take your gold at the current gold price. What they will usually do is cut back on some costs such as those from refining and assaying which will thus reduce the total amount of what your item could get. This is all normal but problems may arise when the dealer will take a lot more than that or devalue your item so much. Not a lot of people may know how much an item can really cost if they do not know about how much gold actually costs at the current time. So before going somewhere to sell your item be sure to check first how much gold costs in the market at the time. It will help you get a perspective on how much you should get when you sell your gold. Not a lot of people tend to do this so they usually end up getting a lot less than for what they really should be getting. If you really want to have a good offer for your gold, it would be a better idea to go to a pawnshop and ask for what it can really cost.

To find a good gold dealer in the Portland area, be sure to do some research on the internet first and ask from your relatives and friends who may know a place where they have sold their gold and have liked the service. It will be a better way to know from trusted people than from people whom you may not really know. But if there is a trusted gold dealer in town which has been operating for a long time already, that will be a good indication that they are a trustworthy buyer.

Some of the best places to sell gold in Portland Oregon are:

Valley Goldmine Portland
1001 SW 5th Ave. Ste.
1100 Portland 97204
Phone 503.683.3255

Affordable Jewelry & Precious Metals
304 SW Washington Street
Portland, OR 97204
Phone 503-227-4653

Estate Jewelry Co
300 SW Washington St
Portland, OR 97204
(360) 335-3715

Portland Gold Buyers
534 SW 3rd Ave
Willamette  Building, Suite 407
Portland, Or 97204

Videos of gold buyers in the Portland Oregon area:

Portland Gold Buyers

Estate Jewelry Company


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