Where to Get Gold Teeth

If you are wondering where to get gold teeth, the answers are easy.  The first that you can go to is your dentist who can do them for you or you can check the website for dealers who sell gold teeth online or those who sell removable ones, which are used for aesthetic purposes only. Whatever reasons you may have, the web has made it easier for people to get gold teeth online. You have many options when it comes to gold teeth depending on the type of need that you have.

Why do people choose to get gold teeth anyway?  Your answer to this question will give you the type of supplier or seller that you want to get your gold teeth.  Some people want gold teeth in order to replace or repair their decaying ones; some prefer to have it for status purposes and to get along with the current fad; while others wish to do so in order to resell them in return.  These are those who engage in the business of buying and selling gold in the market and who make profits by the changing prices of gold.

gold-teeth-on-manIf you are among those who wish to acquire gold teeth for dental purposes, then a visit to the dentist should do the trick.  Most dentists know how to create gold teeth in order to replace and repair rapidly decaying tooth.  This is due to the durability of this metal that most dentists use it for dental restorations.  Gold can withstand the mouth’s environment as well as endure the constant wear and tear that chewing involves. So if you wish to have shiny gold teeth in place of your lost tooth, your dentist will most likely be able to do them for you.

There are also removable gold teeth which are very common with modern musicians today especially among rappers and hip-hop artists. They are called “grills” and they are supposed to show one’s status and wealth.  Others only view them as decorative ornaments also.  If you wish to have gold teeth but do not really have any dental need for them, this will be your best option.  They can be easily attached to your real teeth and removed afterwards.  Online jewelry shops and gold teeth stores are now rampant and you can get many results when you do a simple search on the net.

If you buying and selling gold teeth is what you are after, then you need to look for gold dealers on the net.  They usually have bought these items from local people themselves and so you can expect a higher price for them. But if you want to get more profit, then you should put up your own gold buying business.  By a simple advertisement in your area or on the net, you can attract many customers who will be willing to sell their gold teeth to you. So you see, there are a lot of ways in which you can get gold teeth depending on your purpose.

Here are some of the top places to buy real gold teeth. (Please do your research on these companies before sending them any money)

14k Gold Teeth – http://www.14kgoldteeth.com/

Gold Teeth USA – http://www.goldteethusa.com/

Royal Gold Teeth – http://www.royalgoldteeth.com/web/

Krunk Grillz – http://www.krunkgrillz.com/

Johnny Dang – http://www.tvjohnny.net/-c-102_317.html

Thug Fashion – http://www.thugfashion.com/Category.cfm?Category_ID=16

Gold teeth NY – http://www.goldteethny.com/

photo attribution: antjeverena

If you know of any other legitimate gold teeth sellers or have had a good experience with a company listed here let us know if the comments section below. You can also read more about gold teeth dentists by clicking this link.

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