Gold Teeth Prices

Do you want to find out the current prices for gold teeth, or value for your precious metals dental scrap? Putting in gold teeth used to be a thing which was commonly done by people who would like to have sturdier fillings on their teeth or to have it as a crown. The current high in gold price has made people sell anything that has gold in it even their own tooth. A lot of gold buyers and pawnbrokers have seen a significant amount of these teeth being pulled and delivered to them for the sole cause of their high value. When the person runs out of gold stuff to sell, that is just the last resort. This scenario may seem a little off since gold teeth is usually not sold for their gold content at all.

With the current price of gold well over a thousand dollars per ounce, people have started looking for a good place to find it. They may recall having their teeth done with gold and just pop it right out of their mouth and sent to a company to assay the gold value in it. There are now several ways with which gold can be bought in the market. You can sell them through the internet, through gold parties and also to pawnshops. Some dental clinics also offer to buy gold teeth.

Due also to the current unemployment of a lot of Americans, most of them are relying on their treasured possessions as a way to ensure having some money to buy their necessities with. With such a high price, the value of a gold tooth will definitely be a significant addition to one’s finances.

Buying a gold has never been as trendy as today as there are a lot of companies who are making their offers more attractive to their potential customers. They may offer you some free packaging material that you will use in order to send your gold tooth with. So even those which you may have gotten from a dead relative will still pick up a good value once sent to these companies who will melt the gold content in them and remove the other impurities. They are included in the scrap gold that you can sell in order to get some money. Although gold jewelries may seem to cost a lot more, it is not really the case. Most of these gold jewelries will often just get the same price per ounce of gold which will be used on your gold tooth also. There will be variations on the amount that buyers will give you, depending on whether you will have to pay for the assaying or not, they will deduct that from the total price of your gold.

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So if you are in need of money, having a gold tooth may be a solution to your problems. It is not a shame to have them sold as most smelters will just do away with the tooth anyway. Depending on the karat of the gold, you will get from 12 to 26 dollars per  gram of gold in your tooth at today’s selling prices. That is just per gram, so if your gold teeth weighs more than two grams that will be a significant amount to have. You can read more about determining your gold price per gram here. You can also visit one of these links to read more about selling your dental scrap gold or find out how to detect the exact dental gold value of your precious metal teeth, bridges, fillings, and crowns.

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  1. I have 4 gold teeth but want to get 16. 10 in the bottom and 6 in the top how much will that cost. oh,yeah I want take the 4 out the top and redue them.

  2. how much for 28 permanent gold teeth, in Philadelphia PA, also, where is the best and cheapest place to get them done?

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